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Kelachandra Ply

Kelachandra Plywood Industries manufactures Plywood, Veneers, Wooden Panels and process Sawn Lumber. Our plywood is made to the best quality standard known to the market, catering mainly to the residential plywood requirements. We mainly concentrate on Kerala and South Indian market. We have the best Plywood for residential interior purposes, mainly for kitchen and wardrobe boxes and doors. We are one among the very few Plywood manufacturers who tailor-make plywood for various residential projects. Though plywood is a generic product we suggest to use specific plywood for each individual interior requirements.And hence we have Kitchen Plywood for kitchen boxes, Wardrobe Plywood for wardrobe boxes, Veneer Plywood for decorative purposes, Ceiling plywood for residential ceiling works, Block Boards for wardrobe and kitchen doors, Marine Plywood which is a water-resistant plywood for water or moisture prone area and Stair Plywood meant especially for staircases.

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Kelachandra plywood

Tips for the week

Block board

Block Board

Pick block boards for cabinet doors and sliding wardrobe doors as plywood are more prone to get warped if used for long doors. The long wooden battens inside block boards prevent it from bending, keeping it strong yet light weight.

kitchen ply

Kitchen Ply

BWR Marine Grade plywood with mica lamination is the best as they are water and moisture resistant. An additional mica lamination gives added protection, and a neat look to the cabinets.

Gurjan plywood

Gurjan plywood

Gurjan plywood are one of the best plywoods as Gurjan veneer has natural oil in it, which prevents borer and insects attack, making it more durable. Gurjan is also known as Keruing or Kalpine.

" Are you looking for Kitchen plywood?"

Kitchen is more exposed to water and moisture, and so requires a sturdy material for its inside boxes....


"Which plywood to buy? Confused ?"

There are different types of plywood available in the market. Often the house owner is not aware ...


"Wood or plywood?"

Wood is definitely of a superior quality but the choice should depend on the nature of work. All substitutes like plywood, MDF...


"Lot of brands and quality, I am confused?"

There are many brands of plywood available in the market. The plywood quality is determined by the ...


"What is laminated plywood? What is it used for?"

Plywood that is machined pressed with high pressure laminate is called Laminated Plywood. This makes plywood more resistant ...


" I need Wardrobe plywood."

We tailor make plywood for various furniture requirements and customer preferences...


Looking for furniture plywood?

We recommend Kelachandra Marine Platinum Grade or Gold Grade laminated ...