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There are different types of Plywood in our production line and a brief description of them is mentioned for your information. We are more into customized production where we do the production on request for all clients irrespective of quantity and value. You can just give your requirements and purpose of use in the contact us form or call us, so that our experts can recommend the best plywood to suit your requirement.

KPI is specialized in the production of Kitchen Ply, Laminated Ply, Marine Ply, Commercial Ply, Block Board, Shuttering Plywood and Decorative Ply. Our plywood are more of a premium rage as we concentrate more on residential projects, giving more priority to quality. So we have all types of plywood for a house and we can tailor make as required also. We do do cater the requirements for the commercial projects also.

  • Kitchen Ply
  • Marine Plywood
  • Commercial Plywood
  • Laminated Plywood
  • Shuttering Plywood
  • Veneer Plywood
  • Block Board

Kitchen Ply

Kitchen ply is mainly used for the Modular Kitchen Cabinetry production for residences. This is a very premium product of ours, which is water and borer resistant and meant exclusive for the kitchen cabinets, as they are more prone to water, rough and regular use. This grade of plywood
is getting more demand as people are looking for
quality and service of the product rather going for
cost or inferior product in Kitchen as they need
trouble free product in Kitchen.

Raw Material

100% Gurjan Veneer, imported from Myanmar which
has oil content in it, hence prevents the borer attack to certain
extend. Phenol Formaldehyde and other chemical used to protect the ply
from borer and delaminating issue. White mica lamination on both side with .6mm thickness.


Best for Kitchen cabinetry making


Marine Plywood

Plywood manufactured with Phenol Formaldehyde resin and core of different species are known as Marine Ply. It is used for the different purpose as per requirement such as Cabinetry ,furniture and Paneling work .We have three grades of Marine Plywood for different uses.

Kelachandra Platinum

Our Premium Brand made from 100% Hardwood
timber of Gurjan (Kalpine) and is impregnated with
Phenol formaldehyde resin for its durability. Platinum
Grade Plywood is mostly used for the Cabinets of
residential project where quality is a must.

Kelachandra Gold

Made from 100% Hardwood timber Eucalyptus and the
Phenol formaldehyde resin makes this plywood best for the
commercial use of work .These type of plywood can be used for the commercial production where cost is taken care most rather than quality.

Kelachandra Silver

This brand is an exterior grade, specially made from selected local species of jungle wood timber and glued with Phenol formaldehyde


Commercial Plywood

Is basically a moisture resistant interior grade
hard wood plywood meant for interior work.
Urea formaldehyde resin is used for the
lamination .Used for cost effective and
commercial work where cost is a constraint.

commercial ply
commercial ply
commercial ply

Laminated Plywood

Plywood laminated with mica or veneer on both
sides of the plywood in hot press. These types
of plywoods are mainly used in the Cabinetry
production where customers look for durability,
finish and easy to work material.Mainly used by
cabinet manufactures, Architects, Interiors and
Carpentry contractors for their interior works

Raw Material

100% Gurjan core veneer, imported from Myanmmar which has oil content in it, hence prevents the borer attack to certain extend. Phenol Formaldehyde and other chemical used to protect the ply from borer and delaminating issue.


For Wardrobes, Crockery Units, Kitchen, Table tops and all other cabinets for houses.

Shuttering Plywood

Is an exterior grade, preservative treated plywood
manufactured from naturally durable veneers,
Impregnated extra with un-extended phenol
formaldehyde resin. Mainly used for shuttering
purpose in the construction industry and top of
the kitchen base cabinets
for placing counter tops.

shuttering ply
Laminated Plywood
shuttering plywood

Veneer Plywood

Plywood laminated with veneer of different species of wood are
known as Veneer Plywood. This is commonly used for Interior
furnishing, Cabinetry and Furniture, Paneling
etc as and when required for the various
wood finishes.

decorative Ply
decorative Ply
decorative Ply

Block Board

Is a board made from the core of lumber. It consists of two grades, exterior and interior of standard thickness and size.

Special Features

Strong bonding
High tensile strength
Boiling water proof
Preservative treated
Accuracy in dimensions
Phenol resin adhesive
block board