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Kelachandra Plywood Industries

Kelachandra Plywood Industries manufactures Plywood, Veneers, Wooden Panels and process Sawn Lumber. Our plywood is made to the best quality standard known to the market, catering mainly to the residential plywood requirements. We mainly concentrate on Kerala and South Indian market. We have the best Plywood for residential interior purposes, mainly for kitchen and wardrobe boxes and doors. We are one among the very few Plywood manufacturers who tailor-make plywood for various residential projects. Though plywood is a generic product we suggest to use specific plywood for each individual interior requirements. And hence we have Kitchen Plywood for kitchen boxes, Wardrobe Plywood for wardrobe boxes, Veneer Plywood for decorative purposes, Ceiling plywood for residential ceiling works, Block Boards for wardrobe and kitchen doors, Marine Plywood which is a water-resistant plywood for water or moisture prone area and Stair Plywood meant especially for staircases. KPI is from the same, renowned business family. Kelachandra Group, located @Chingavanam, Kottayam

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Every great Industry will have a great visionary behind it, who made it a reality. Being no different, Kelachandra Plywoods also took shape under the immense visualization of its founder, Mr. C.T.Jacob. C.T.Jacob, who was born in the year 1945, has initiated and upheld several industries. During his enviable journey as an entrepreneur, Mr.C.T.Jacob , with his business savvy spirit and immense entrepreneurial insight, flagged of a chain of industries including Kelachandra Metals, Kelachandra wood industries, Carmel wood products and Kenwood veneers.


KPI ( Kelachandra Plywood Industries) started off in the year 1996 as a new business enterprise of Kelachandra Group. The way it began, being a humble veneer unit then called Thomson veneers, gave no clue to the business scene back then that it would grow into such a dominant brand name which it is today with the reputation of riding on a perfect knowledge of the wood industry. The voyage of KPI beginning as Thomson veneers, acquiring the Venus plywood factory (Nenmara) on the go, and finally renaming the growing industry as Kelachandra Plywoods in 2004, has been a balanced and steady one. Once the brand name Kelachandra plywoods was introduced, the trade was relocated to Chingavanam at Kottayam.


KPI's philosophy is based on the policy of treating customers with sincerity, transparency and respect. Kelachnadra plywood industries, through continuous improvement processes, are committed towards producing and supplying first-rate products that are in accordance with customer requirements. KPI has been blessed and proud for the last 30 years with a track record of credible and ethical business practices.


The Plant

Regardless of the innumerable replacement options popping up in the present day market, wood still reigns as the majority's favorite choice when it comes to choosing a raw material for their diverse structural needs or industrial application. Even in the current scenario of its limited availability, this incomparable material continues to entice people by the way it can touch our senses. What keeps KPI apart is its wholesome understanding of wood and its charm. With finest machinery in its plants, KPI delivers superior plywood keeping customer satisfaction as the top priority. Quality Controls measure in each stage of production ensures wholesome quality management.

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